• Address: 900 Wheeler Rd Suite 220 Hauppauge, NY 11788

We are known for standing behind our clients giving our all in recovering their funds. You never have to worry about settling for less when the team of Hamilton Cay Inc is on the case.

Clients tell us we are easy to speak with and make them feel at ease. Our team takes what we do seriously, putting forth all our resources and energy you deserve.

How Does it Work?

Our debt relief program is an organized, systematic process through which we reduce the debt load of our clients while simultaneously consolidating the number of bills they receive each month. Our debt relief services offer our clients the ability to make just one monthly payment rather than many to each individual creditor or debt collector. When you become a client of our office, our team of talented debt lawyers and support staff will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf, work with you to ensure your success in the program and be there to answer all of your questions about your debts, credit and the debt resolution process. All work is done in-house and is never outsourced to any other debt relief agency or group.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Our debt relief program is results driven and you can see results relatively quickly. As soon as your first payment clears we contact your creditors and let them know you’re working with us to resolve the accounts and get your debts reduced. From there we can have a debt resolution quickly depending on the choices and options you make in the program. Once you are set up in the program, we start right away and do not waste time or wait for money to build up. We are in contact with your creditors on a regular basis working to reach new agreements which can often be done within weeks of the first negotiation contact. We want your accounts resolved as much as you do and will work to the best of our ability to reach that goal with you.